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  • S1 revision
    • Mode: Value that occurs mosr frequently
    • Median: Middle value when the data is put in order
    • Mean: Total of values divided by total frequency
      • Mean=    sum of x/n
    • Coding:     y=x-a/b where a is the modal groups middle value and b is the smallest range from the groups
    • Grouped data is continuous so is not rounded
      • Discrete data is not continuous so is rounded to the nearest  0.5th
    • Q1=n/4       Q2=3n/4 IQR=Q3-Q1
    • Interpercentilerange= Pm-Pn where Px=xnth/100 term
    • Interpolation: using the range diagram to find, Q1, Q2 or Q3
    • Varience=sumof x^2/n -(sum of x/n)^2
      • Standard devaition= square root of variance
    • Stem Leaf diagram: Don't forget a key! Used with discrete data
    • Outlier= greater than Q3+1.5(Q3-Q1) or less than Q1-1.5(Q3-Q1)
    • Frequency = Frequency density x class width
      • FRank Feeds Cows
    • Skew
      • Positive skew: Q2-Q1 < Q3-Q2 mean>median>mode
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