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Key Issues
The links between technological change, innovation and productivity (automation)
How investment in technological innovation (product and process) can be a source of
competitive advantage for UK manufacturers
Innovation as an opportunity
Technological change and globalisation
- Impact on manufacturing location and organisation
Key Terms
- The use of introduction of automatic equipment in a manufacturing or other process or
- The effectiveness of productive effort as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit
of input
3D…read more

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Many informed observers believe that manufacturing is on the verge of a 'new industrial
UK car production has risen to 1.6m vehicles, with over 80% exported
From 2000-2013 the automotive sector has accounted for an average of 0.7% of UK GVA
and 5.9% of UK manufacturing jobs
The number of people employed in the sector has declined from 245,000 in 2000 to
142,000 in 2013
GVA declined dramatically to £7.5bn in 2009, but then recovered to £11.…read more

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A survey of 100 top
revealed that two-
thirds are using 3D
The global market
for 3D printers and
services is expected
to grow from $2.5
billion in 2013 to
$16.2 billion in 2018
- Compound Annual
growth rate of 45.7%
Sale of 3D printers alone are predicted to be worth $3.…read more

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annual rate of
growth of more
than 18%
The graph shows
that whilst
as a whole has
grown, the
textile sectors
have been in
sharp decline
since the `80s
The chart
indicates that
there has been
an 8% drop in the
production of
textiles, clothing
and leather goods
since 2011
A century ago
there were over
200 textile mills in
the North of
England, now only
a handful survive
In the 1950s there
were 80 footwear factories in Northamptonshire producing 20 million pairs…read more

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One of the first to create wearable, 3D printed pieces
Customers design bikinis on their website, specifying their body shapes and measurements
The company then uses nylon to print out each unique order
"Gives everyone access to creativity" so many companies will be using this in the future
Bitonti and Schmidt
Collaborated to make a dress
The dress consists of 2,500 intersecting joint pieces that were linked together by hand
The fashion industry employs 4.…read more

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http://www.computerweekly.com/feature/How-3D-printing-impacts-manufacturing- 3D
15-4-growth-dashboard.pdf- Manufacturing in the UK statistics
d-printing.html- Manufacturing and 3D printing
ys/ - companies using 3D printing
ends.htm#page=1h ­ Automotive Technology
-Fashion and technology
http://makeitbritish.co.uk/tag/statistics/-Fashion industry statistics
ext-big-thing-to-hit-fashion/- 3D printing and fashion
http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/2013/07/3d-printing-the-face-of-future-fashion/- 3D printing
and fashion
http://metro.co.…read more


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