Business Questions - Test Yourself

Series of questions. Need to know these for Unit 2 in the AQA course.

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1. State 3 reasons why a business might want to grow
2. 3 ways of growing a business
3. What is a merger?
4. What is a merger also known as?
5. What is an acquisition?
6. What is an acquisition also known as?
7. List some advantages of integration
8. List some disadvantages of integration
9. What are economies of scale?
10. What are diseconomies of scale?
11. List some diseconomies of scale?
12. What is horizontal integration?
13. What is vertical integration?
14. What is forward vertical?
15. What is backward vertical?
16. What is a conglomerate?
17. What is a stakeholder?
18. How will businesses growing affect all the different stakeholders?
19. How does location help or hinder success?
20. What is a product portfolio?
21. What is a DOG in the Boston Matrix?
22. What is a COW in the Boston Matrix?
23. What is a STAR in the Boston Matrix?
24. What is a QUESTION MARK in the Boston Matrix?
25. What is the life cycle of a product?
26. What is an extension strategy and give examples
27. What is price skimming?
28. What is penetration pricing?
29. What is a loss leader?
30. What is cost plus pricing?
31. What is competitor pricing?
32. What is the promotional mix ­ give examples
33. What is logistics?
34. What is distribution?
35. Name all 5 members in the channel of distribution and explain them
36. What is market share?


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