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  • ways in which primary/ field research can be done
    • questionnaires and interviews are when you get asked questions. it can be conducted by telephone, post or face-to-face.
      • disadvantage:  people resent from being stopped and questioned on the street or telephoned at home,  people misunderstand the question so they can give a misleading response which would make results less accurate, it is a slow method,  expensive. post questionnaires may not always be returned
        • advantages: questionnaire is designed to find out exactly the information the business needs, information  is taken directly from people that are or will be the businesses consumers, questioner can help the member of the public understand questions
    • observation is when it involves watching or observing the reactions of people to products. eg people may be observed making their selection of goods from the supermarket
      • advantages: not costly for business, consumers do not need to be aware of this happening
      • disadvantage: less accurate, not suitable for all products
    • consumer panel is taking response from people who sit on panels that give their opinions on given products or other consumer information. panel members are paid and have been selected for their expertise or knowledge in area
      • advantages: very detailed information, panel members are skilled


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