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Business ­ Angela Emma Rudd BMA

Operations Management
Lean Production

What is Lean Production?
Lean production aims to reduce all forms of waste in the production process. This includes
the waste of materials, time, energy and human effort. Lean production streamlines
operations so that costs are reduced and efficiency increased.…

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Business ­ Angela Emma Rudd BMA

project to work on it at the same time. Instead of having one person look at a product idea,
develop it and then pass it on to the next person or department, time can be saved if
everyone is looking and discussing the work…

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Business ­ Angela Emma Rudd BMA

way of doing things, its own skills and its own circumstances. They may have to adapt the
other firm's methods for their own use.

Lean Production and People
For lean production techniques to work, employees must try constantly to improve the way
the business…




This provides detailed notes on cell production, time based production and benchmarking. Students will need to find further sources for the remaining aspects of this important topic.

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