Buddhist Sacred Text - The Pali Canon

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The Pali Canon
What is the Pali Canon?
Contains the DHARMA (teachings of the Buddha) It is mostly used by THERAVADA
BUDDHISTS. It has three baskets (Tripitaka):
o The first is the Vinya Pitaka which contains the rules monks and nuns should
follow and the 227 rules of the sangha (Buddhist community).
o The Sutta Pitaka contains the Dhammapada including the Noble Truths and
Eightfold Path.
o The Abhidhamma Pitaka is a philosophical commentary on the teachings of the
What is the role of the Pali Canon for Buddhists?
Offer GUIDELINES ­ how to live a moral life
It is an AUTHORITY ­ have rules and messages to be considered and obeyed
Offers a BASIS FOR FAITH ­ contains the teachings needed to be a follower
of the Buddha
Important Teachings from the Pali Canon
o 4 Noble Truths
o Eightfold Path (fourth Noble Truth is to follow the Eightfold Path)
o Show Metta and Karuna (Kindness and compassion)
o Ahimsa (be non-violent)
AUTHORITY (what should be obeyed):
o 5 precepts (do not harm any living thing, do not steal, no sexual
misconduct, do not lie, do not take intoxicants)
o Buddha's authority
BASIS OF FAITH (Key Teachings):
o Eightfold Path (must be followed to escape Samsara, these are the aims
of Buddhism)
o 4 Noble Truths


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