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0 Legal Services Commission set up by Access to Justice
Act 1999- gives out state funded legal aid.
0 Now Legal Aid Agency ­ LASPO
0 2 schemes: criminal & civil
0 Criminal Defence Service
0 Community Legal Service
0 Contract with LSC to get funding- quality mark.
0 _____ should look for a solicitor with ^.
0 S.12 ATJA 1999- provision for CPS.…read more

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0 Demand led- no set budget
0 To get legal funding they need to satisfy the means
and merit test.
0 Article 6 of the HRA 1998- entitlement to legal help-
must be free if a person has insufficient funds and
when interests of justice require it.
0 There are 4 schemes available.…read more

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0 Advice + Assistance- limited to 1 hour. Means test.
0 As means tested, ______ would only qualify if of low income.
0 Representation- covers cost of solicitor and barristers to
prepare defence and represent in court
0 This will probably be the one _____ will try and apply for.
0 Access to free Legal Advice from a solicitor in a Police
0 Access to free Legal Advice from a solicitor in Magistrates
0 Can ring up a solicitor if not one available- CPS Direct.…read more


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