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Presentation and development
of the bride
Rhiannon, Jenni, Lauren and Hatty…read more

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She marries primarily for money and position
`on his arms, all eyes were upon me'
· The Heroine is nameless- represents all
· Appears powerless to Marquis due to her
virginity…read more

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Forced into a position of subjugation by the
· Narrator- feminist perspective empowers the
figure of women by putting her in a
traditionally male-dominated role of
storyteller and survivor rather than helpless
princess…read more

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Description of tide- makes castle sound like a
prison, can't escape. Heroine imprisoned
· `Bloody chamber'-place of death and suffering
for other wives. Place of learning and rebirth
for heroine. Can also be referred to as a
womb- pain in childbirth as well as the pain of
knowledge.…read more

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Afraid of husband and mistrusts him. Sees him
as a destructive force.
· Necklace of rubies- symbolises her death.
· The secret room- echoes Eve's temptation-
sin, should be punished.…read more

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In the carriage, sexual verbs show curiosity-
`pounding', `thrusting', `burning'.
· Because of her youth and inexperience the
story is of sexual discovery. Transformed from
a girl to a woman.
· Happy ending but heroines happiness does
not come from finding a stereotypical prince
charming. She is saved by her mother-
feminism.…read more

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