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Blister packaging.…read more

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· Cheap.
· Easy to make.
· Doesn't cost lot to produce.
· Cheap material.
· Recyclable.…read more

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· Not reliable to use.
· Won't keep product safe.
· Cheap
· Not reliable.
· Not safe.…read more

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Its is not very good for consumers it is cheap and
doesn't look good.
It is harmful because it is sharp.
Packaging term describing an item mounted on a
card and encased under a plastic dome; also
called bubble wrap. Usually, small items that can
easily be held in one hand are packaged in this
manner to prevent theft. Also, items that do not
conform to a uniform size or that have odd
shapes can be packaged in a blister pack so that
the packages will be of uniform size and can be
stacked, stored, or displayed easily. Thus, small
and odd-shaped pieces will not be lost or
damaged.…read more

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Blister packaging is harmful to the
environment. It is cheap to produce but it
is even more to recycle.…read more


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