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Black Holes
By Robert George Heathcote…read more

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What are Black Holes?
Black holes are remnants of a massive star
which have gone into a supernova which
has then collapsed in on it's self under it's
own gravity, all of these remnants (star
dust) gets compressed into a ball with
such a high density that the gravitational
pull is so great that nothing but light (and
plasma) can escape from it.…read more

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This is what a black hole would look
like if you could see it. The light in
which you can see at the poles is
plasma( super heated gas)…read more

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What is the Event Horizon?
An event horizon is a boundary in spacetime, most
often an area surrounding a black hole, beyond
which events cannot affect an outside observer.
Light emitted from beyond the horizon can never
reach the observer, and anything that passes
through the horizon from the observer's side
appears to freeze in place, with its image
becoming more redshifted as time proceeds.
More specific types of horizon include the related
but distinct absolute and apparent horizons
found around a black hole…read more

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What is plasma and how is it
Black holes suck every thing that comes within a certain
range (called the event horizon ­ explained on next
slide) all the matter in which a black hole sucks in spirals
round the black hole first which is the rings around it if
you look at image on the previous slide, and in this ring
all the matter orbits the black hole at high velocity
colliding with the other matter that the black sucked in
creating friction which thus heats up the matter colliding,
but because there is so much matter orbiting the black
hole means that there is more collisions happening
means more friction and because of all this heat it turns
any solid into a liquid and then the liquid into a gas and
then the gas into plasma (super heated gas) and as the
plasma reaches the actual black hole it either becomes
part of the black hole or is emitted from the poles.…read more

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Black holes
are also
matter believed to
galaxies a
heart beat
Emitted plasma with all the
plasma that
is emitted
from one.
from the
that a black
now believe
black holes
can die.…read more

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Miss KHP


Nice and simple PowerPoint to help understand the bigger picture for GCSE Science of all specifications. Can use this with other resources to get the most out of revision

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