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2. Coordination and Control
Biology Unit 1

2.1 Responding to change
How a nervous system works:
Receptor ­ sensory neurone ­ CNS (relay neurone) ­ motor neurone ­ effector (muscle
(contract) or gland (secrete chemical substance))

2.2 Reflex Actions
Reflex actions = automatic responses to stimuli (follow a reflex arc)…

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"TROPISM" ­ Growth response to...
Gravity = Gravitropism (geotropism)
Light = Phototropism
Touch = Thigmotropism
Water = Hydrotropism
Effect of auxin:
Seed laid on side in dark. Auxin is spread equally through tissues.
Auxin gathers on the lower side of the shoot and root due to gravity.
Roots grow more…


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