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Revision summary ­ B3b
The world's population is currently rising very quickly, and it's not slowing down. This mostly due to
modern medicine and farming methods, which have reduced the number of people dying from
disease and hunger.

Three ways in which a rising population is affecting the environment:

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1) To provide timber to use as building material
2) To clear more land for farming, which is important to:
Provide more food, e.g. from more rice fields or farming cattle,
Or, grow crops from which bio fuels based on ethanol can be produced
3) To produce paper from wood.…

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Fungus is the main source of Mycoprotein. A fungus called Fusarium is the main source. It's grown in
fermenters, using glucose syrup as food. The glucose syrup is obtained by digesting maize starch
with enzymes. The fungus respires aerobically, so oxygen is supplied, together with nitrogen (as
ammonia) and other…


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