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Biological Explanations of
Genetics and Neurochemistry…read more

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The Genetic explanation of
Schizophrenia proposes that
the disorder is hereditary ­ it
runs in families.
· This may be due to the fact
they share the same DNA, or
that they share the same
· This explanation proposes
that sufferers are born with
a predisposition to the
disorder.…read more

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"The more closely related you are
to someone with the disorder, the
more likely you are to develop it
yourself" ­ this is Gottesman's
· 1st degree relatives ­
· 2nd degree relatives ­
grandparents/aunts & uncles
· 3rd degree relatives ­ first
cousins/great grandparents…read more

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There are 3 methodologies used to investigate
the Genetic explanation of Schizophrenia:

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Family studies are used to
compare relatives of
Schizophrenics with
relatives of `controls' who
are mentally healthy.
· Kendler et al (1985) found
that 1st degree relatives of
someone with
Schizophrenia were 18…read more

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However, one problem with family studies is that
they are conducted retrospectively.
· For example, they heavily rely on family history
records, old medical records and also human
memory (which can be flawed).
· This disallows the researcher from controlling any
extraneous variables or manipulating the
independent variable.
· Therefore, this can lead to issues with cause and
effect.…read more

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