Biological explanations for schizophrenia-ventricles

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Schizophrenia revision
Biological explanations for schizophrenia- ventricles
There is evidence form MRI scans and autopsies that schizophrenia may have been
caused by enlarged ventricles in the brain. It is thought that the negative
symptoms could have been caused by brain damage. Type 2 schizophrenics (more
negative than positive symptoms) have larger ventricles and smaller amounts of
brain matter and frontal lobes. Reduced brain matter may be responsible for lack
of functioning.
Correlational evidence- the supporting evidence is only correlational.
This suggests that there is a link between enlarged ventricles and
schizophrenia but it doesn't prove that it is the cause.
Antipsychotics- these have been known to destroy brain cells leading to
larger ventricles. Therefore schizophrenia may not be caused by larger
ventricles but rather the large ventricles are caused by the drugs used to
treat the symptoms.


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