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A01- The Genetic explanation of Schizophrenia proposes that the
disorder is hereditary ­ it runs in families.

A01- family studies show that the risk of developing schizophrenia is
greater for those more closely related to the schizophrenic.

A01-Kendler et al (1985) found that 1st degree relatives…

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A01- Joseph who looked at nine of the most recent studies
conducted and found the concordance rate for MZ twins to be
22.4% and for DZ 4.6%

A01- Varma and Sharma (1993) found a concordance rate of 35% for
first degree relatives of schizophrenics, compared to only 9% in first…

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A01- Post mortems and PET scans show that schizophrenics have
abnormally high levels of dopamine this supports the dopamine

A01- Seeman (1987) found increases in dopamine receptor density
of between 60 ­ 110 % compared to controls.

A01- PET scans ( live investigation of the brain) Wong et al…

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A01- Young et al (1990) found a number o structural differences in
MRI scans when comparing the brains of schizophrenic and
non-schizophrenic individuals this suggests that brain differences
are strongly linked with the development of schizophrenia.

A01- Psychologists have reported that some schizophrenics have
difficult births which could have starved…

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A02- If there was no genetic link then there should be no difference
in the level of risk between first degree relatives and the public.

A02- the fact that concordance rates increased with genetic
relatedness may be explained by the fact that families are likely…

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A02- Consistent evidence which makes it very reliable

A02- Theory is based on nature alone so it is reductionist and highly

A02- Family, twin and adoption studies must be considered
cautiously because they are retrospective and may be biased by
knowledge that another family member has been diagnosed.


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A02- One of the most commonly used theories because it can be
proved empirically so it's more convincing.

A02- Healy (2000) believes pharmaceutical companies were keen to
see the dopamine theory promoted because they would make huge
profits from manufacturing anti-schizophrenic drugs that inhibited
dopamine production.

A02- Brain abnormalities are…


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