Biological Explanations for Addiction

For revision, I made tables for the different explanations of addiction. It's important that you can answer questions about the initiation, maintenance and relapse of all three explanations for smoking and gambling, including AO2 detail.

In my actual exam, I did get a question about the biological explanations of addiction so I will have used some of these points.

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Stage Explanation Evaluation
The role of genetics:
Pathological gambling runs in families. Explains why some become addicted and others don't ­ genetic
Shah et al. ­ evidence for genetic transmission in men. predisposition. More vulnerable, and resistant to treatment.
Black et al. ­ link between first degree relatives and x…

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Boredom avoidance:
Pathological gamblers ­ have need for intense
stimulation and excitement.
Blaszcynski et al.- poor boredom tolerance repetitive
Relapse gambling.
Pathological gamblers ­ high boredom scores compared
to control group.
No difference between types of gambling.

Stage Explanation Evaluation
The role of genetics:
Family/twin studies ­ heritability of tobacco…

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Pre-natal exposure to nicotine:
Pregnant and smoking over 20 a day child more likely to x Free will/determinism debate.
become addicted. x You have free will over the choice to smoke, but your genetic
Maternal age, gender, socioeconomic status did not affect. make-up could determine the addiction's development.
Buka et…


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