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The number and variety of living
things to be found in the world, in
an ecosystem or in a habitat
Biodiversity & evolution
Gradual process by which the present
diversity of living organisms arose from
simple primitive organisms that were present
about 4000 million years ago. New species
have arisen by natural selection.…read more

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the variety of life ­ the range of living organisms to be
· Species ­ a group of individual organisms
very similar in appearance, anatomy,
physiology, biochemistry & genetics,
whose members are able to interbreed
freely to produce fertile offspring
· Habitat ­ the place where
species/organisms live…read more

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Biodiversity is about the structural & functional variety in the
living world. We can consider it at a number of levels…read more

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1. Define what is meant by the terms
species, habitat & biodiversity
2. Explain how biodiversity may be
considered at different levels ­ habitat,
species & genetics…read more

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We use sampling to measure the biodiversity of a habitat
by observing all the present species, identifying them,
and count how many individuals of each species there
Ideally we should do this for all plants, animals & fungi
etc. but its not practical
One estimate suggests that there may be billions of
single-celled organisms per square metre of soil.
Instead, you can sample the habitat. Meaning you select
a small portion of the habitat & study it carefully
Then you multiply the numbers of individuals of each
species found
In order to estimate the number present in the habitat…read more

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