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Baron Cohen

Theory of Mind ­ the ability to infer, in other people, states of mind such as
beliefs, desires, imaginations or emotions

ToM tests for 6 y/o's have a ceiling effect ­ the data cannot take on a value higher
than some `ceiling' therefore the task is not assessing…

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The eyes task, strange stories task and two control tasks were presented in a random
order to all ppts in a quiet room individually, in their home, a clinic or lab

The Eyes Task ­ All ppts
This involved looking at 25 black and white pictures of eyes from…

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Design: Quasi experiment ( because the IV occurred naturally ­ whether they had
autism or not )
Matched pairs design ­ ppts age and intelligence matched

IV: type of person likely to have ToM deficits tested in three conditions:
Adults with high functioning autism or AS, normal adults, adults w/…

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The autism/AS impairment is:
Not due to low intelligence because Eyes task scores did not correlate w/ IQ
Not the results of just any neuropsychiatric disability as TS ppts performed
Not due to having difficulty interpreting context

Ecological validity:
Much simpler than real life situation
It is static whereas…


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