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(1997)…read more

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Autism is a psychiatric disorder which is
usually detected at the ages of 3-4
Symptoms of AUTISIM:
-Impairments in social interaction and social
-Obsessed with order
-Do not play with other children
-Do not expression emotion…read more

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The term AUTISM is used as gender term to describe
a wide spectrum of disorders from ASPERGERS
syndrome to SEVERE forms of Autism
Asperger Syndrome:
-Higher functioning end of autistic spectrum
-Fewer problems with language
-Do not usually have accompanying disabilities
which are associated with Autism…read more

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Early theories suggest that autism was due
to cold parenting or poor family
More recently their are biological
This study takes a cognitive approach
towards Autism…read more

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Theory of Mind is the ability to predict what other
people are thinking and feeling- the ability to read
Baron-Cohen suggested that autistic people would not
be able to employ a theory of mind ­ This is a
cognitive deficit
Theory of mind is associated with social,
communicative and imaginative development-
Autistic people lack all these three…read more

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To investigate whether those with
Aspergers Syndrome or Core Austism
would be impaired on a
Theory of Mind test
(Reading eyes task)…read more

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