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CASE STUDY ­ Bangladesh 2004 Floods

- A low lying country where most lies on the delta of the
Ganges, Meghna , Brahmaputa & Jamuna River
- The country is in stage 3 of the DTM
- The GDP per Capita is $551
- The country is 143,998 Square…

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Rivers: (Ganges, Bramupta, Meghna & Jamuna)
· High compared to flood plain
· Confluence of all 4 rivers
· Large drainage basin
· About 30% of the country floods annually
· About 80% of Bangladesh is alluvial floodplain
· Bangladesh is very low lying and flat with most of the…

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· Dams trap silt and thus it is no longer deposited on the flood plain in Bangledesh.
· All land areas are occupied including includes sandbanks called Chars in the river
channels and without additional silt they are subject to erosion and flooding.
· Kurichu Dam on Tsatisu kake breached…

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Short Term

· NGOs provided emergency relif in forms of rice, clothing, medicines, blankets and
· UN activated a disaster management team to co-ordinate various UN agencies in
July and they supplied critical emergency supplies, conducted damage and needs
assessment in affected areas
· Bilateral aid from individual…


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