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B3f Controlling Plant Growth
1. Whatever way a seed is planted in the soil, the roots always grow downwards.
This is because:
a. The root anchors the plant
b. To get water and minerals from the soil
The roots grow downward in response to gravity. We call this positive
geotrophism. The roots also show negative phototropism.
2. The shoot always grows upwards. In a grownup plant the shoot always grows
towards light, for photosynthesis. This is known as positive phototropism. The
shoots also show negative geotrophism. This is how the shoots are able to grow
upward, from the seed under the soil. (no light here!)
3. The diagram shows some seeds being grown in glass jar:
a. Which three labeled parts are the shoots? B C E
Explain your answer: they grow towards the light
2. Mary is investigating how cress seedlings grow.
She wants to do an experiment to find out if cress seedlings grow towards light.

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Describe how she should do her experiment.
In your answer, include
· how to set up the equipment
· what to look for
· how to make it a fair test.…read more


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