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B2 Revision
Understanding Our Environment…read more

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Artificial ecosystems can be carefully
Woodlands and lakes are natural
Greenhouses are artificial ecosystems
Fish farms are artificial ecosystems used to
rear fish
Many ecosystems are still unexplored…read more

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Classification is organizing living organisms
into groups
Living things can be plants, animals, fungi,
bacteria or protoctista
Vertebrates have backbones
Invertebrates have no backbones…read more

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The binomial system gives everything a two-
part name
Things of the same species can breed to
produce fertile offspring
Unrelated species may have similar features
Keys are used to identify creatures…read more

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Estimate population sizes using a quadrat
Estimating population sizes using mark-
Two important points about these methods:
> Sample size affects the accuracy of the estimate
> The sample may not be representative of the
population…read more

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Photosynthesis produces glucose from
Glucose is converted into other substances
> Respiration
> Store in seeds
> Making proteins
> Making cell walls
> Stored as starch…read more

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