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B2: Keeping Healthy key terms and definitions

Term Definition
Pathogens The microorganisms that make us ill.
Bacteria A type of pathogen which can be treated by antibiotics.
They reproduce rapidly once in the body.
Virus A type of pathogen which can't be treated with
antibiotics. Viruses need a host cell…

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Memory cells After you have first been infected with a disease,
memory cells are created so if you become reinfected
with the same disease memory cells will produce the
right antibodies quickly.
"Open label" A drug trial where both the researcher and volunteer
trials know what they are being given…

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Heavy drug use (including alcohol)
Family history
Poor diet
Not exercising enough
Drug abuse

Epidemiologica An epidemiological study is the study into lifestyle
l studies factors across the population to see what lifestyle
factors increase the risk of certain diseases
Homeostasis The process that maintains a constant internal


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