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Plant Hormones

Auxin is a plant growth hormone. Although it stimulates growth in the shoot, when present in the
roots, it inhibits growth.

Keywords to remember:

Positive phototropism is when a plant shoot grows towards light

Negative geotropism is when a plant shoot grows away from gravity

Positive geotropism is…

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Plant Hormones in Agriculture

Weeds in crop fields are mostly broad leaved. However, crops have very narrow leaves. You can use
selective weed killers which are made of plant hormones which kill the broad leaved weeds, but
leave the crops untouched.

When planting plant cuttings, they won't always grow quickly…




A short, concise summary of terms used about plant 'hormones' with nice colour diagrams. These would need to be added to resources such as flashcards or mind maps to make a complete set of useful resources.

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