B1, Healthy living, Understanding organisms.

This is a mind map I made to help me remeber this Unit.

Hope this helps.

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Being fit is the ability to do exercise, Blood pressure has two measurements;
Being healthy is being free from Systolic pressure is the
Disease. maximum pressure the heart produces.
Diastolic pressure is the blood
pressure between heart beats.
And is measured in mmHg (millimetres
of mercury)
. a high alcohol intake
And a diet rich in saturated fats
High blood pressure can cause And salt increase blood pressure.
Blood vessels to
Burst. This can cause damage
To the brain, which is often
Called a stroke, it can also cause The body mass index (BMI)
Damage to the kidneys. Can be used to indicate being
Low blood pressure can lead to dizziness Over or under weight.
and fainting as the blood supply to the brain
is reduced and poor circulation to other area's
such as the fingers and toes
A balanced diet will vary according to age,
Gender, activity, religion and personal choice.
The EAR (estimated average daily requirement) can be used to calculate protein requirements.
It depends on age, pregnancy and lactation.


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