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B1a ­ B1B revision…read more

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B1a- Fit for life
Heart and blood pressure- Exercise
increases blood pressure measured in mm
Hg( milligrams in mercury). His gives us two
readings systolic and diastolic
Blood pressure Systolic Diastolic
Normal 130 75
High 160 105
Low 90 40…read more

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Several factors can cause extremes in blood
Obesity/ lack of exercise
Smoking/ alcohol consumption
Poor diet…read more

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High blood pressure Low blood pressure
·Weak blood vessels to burst ·Poor circulation
·Strokes ·Dizziness
·Kidney damage ·fainting
·Damage to brain…read more

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Fitness is measured by the time it takes for
your pulse to get back to a resting rate
It is the ability to carry out physical exercise
It is not being disease free
IT is also measured by stamina, agility,
flexibility, speed, strength and cardio
vascular effiency…read more

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B1B- Respiration
Avery cell respires to release energy from
glucose enabling them to work.
There are two types aerobic ( with oxygen)
and anaerobic ( with out oxygen).
Aerobic respiration Glucose + oxygen ----- Carbon dioxide+ water +
C6H12O6+ 6O2------ 6CO2+ H2O + energy
Anaerobic Glucose--- lactic acid+
energy…read more

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