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Biology revision
Year 10 mocks…read more

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B1.1 Keeping healthy…read more

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Diet and exercise
· A healthy diet has the right balance of food types
­ carbohydrates, fast, proteins are sued by our
body to release energy and to build cells
· Minerals ions and vitamins are needed to keep
the body healthy , if the diet is unbalanced a
person can become malnourished
· If you exercise, more energy is used by the body,
exercise increases the metabolic rate, which
means that the chemical reactions in the cell work
· The proportion of muscle to fat in body and
inherited factors also affect metabolic rate…read more

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Weight problems
· Is important for good health to get energy balance
· If energy you take in = energy you use then your mass
will stay the same - eating too much food can lad to
becoming overweight and obese
· Long-term obesity can lead to severe health problems
including Type 2 diabetes (high blood sugar)
· These problems can be reduced by eating less
carbohydrates and increasing the amount of exercise
· Some people are unhealthy because they have too
little food (starvation) ­ difficult to walk and may suffer
from deficiency diseases due to lack vitamins and
minerals…read more

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· Metabolic rate be affected by genes from
· Two types of cholesterol ­ need good
cholesterol for cell membranes and make vital
· Small number of population inherit bad
cholesterol ­ lead to heat disease
· Food rich in saturated fats can also increase
blood cholesterol levels
· By exercising regularly a person can increase
metabolic rate and lower high cholesterol levels…read more

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Pathogens and disease
· Pathogens cause infectious diseases
· Pathogens are tiny microorganisms ­ usually bacteria or
· When bacteria or viruses enter body reproduce rapidly -
make us feel ill by producing toxins (poisons)
· Viruses much smaller than bacteria and reproduce inside
cells ­ damage cells and make us ill
· Before bacteria and viruses were discovered, doctors
(Semmelweiss) realised tat infection could be transferred
from person to person in hospital
· Semmelweiss had staff wash hands in between treaty
patients ­ HOWEVER other doctors didn't take him seriously
but now w know he was right!…read more

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