At The Cafe

Useful Phrases for Role Play- At the Cafe for GCSE French

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At the Cafe/ Restaurant
J'ai soif I'm thirsty
Tu as faim ? Are you hungry ?
Tu veux You would like
Tu as choisi ? Have you chosen ?
Vous servez You serve
Commander To order
Nettoyer To clean
Le plat du jour Today's special
Encore du pain Some more bread
Le service est compris ? Is the service included ?
Pour commencer For starters
Le plat principal The main course
Un dessert A dessert
L'addition The bill
Des pommes de terre vapeurs Boiled potatoes
Du poulet Chicken
Des crudités Raw vegetables
Des moules Muscles
De l'agneau Lamb
Une bière Beer
Un jus de fruit Fruit juice
Un couteau A knife
Une fourchette A fork
Une cuillère A spoon
Une assiette A plate
Une serviette A napkin
A la terrasse Outside the cafe
Au soleil In the sun
A l'ombre In the shade



An ideal list of vocabulary for use in a restaurant or café. This would be good for foundation students and those who need to really learn some basic words for this topic.

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