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As You Like It Brideshead Revisited
Pastoral Themes
`This life is most jolly' ­ Unity between Charles and
Harmony harmonious atmosphere within Sebastian.
the Forest of Arden compared to Urban Pastoral ­
court. - `Here we see no enemy' `drowning in
/ Orlando's poetic ABAB honey/musical bird cry'
structure. No hierarchy ­ 3rd class.
Living off the land. "What a place to bury a
Upset when the deer is killed ­ crock of gold"
Man and nature as Jacques. The recurring symbol of
one "Joy is to see my lambs sucks" the fountain.
"floundering fishes"
"Sit down, eat and welcome to "Fishing for scampi" ­
our table" (Also ­ living in Living off the land
Self Sufficiency harmony) The picnic scene and its
Adam ­ "He who doth ravens luxury "ate strawberries
feed caters for sparrows" and drank champagne"
Sebastian sending flowers.
"Fleet their time carelessly" "Languor of youth" ­ no
"Come to my cottage and woo uni work/relaxation.
Leisure me every day" ­ endless time Picnic scene ­ "ate
"I do not sheer the fleece that I strawberries and drank
graze." wine"
"languid days at
"Are the woods not more free The contentment of Charles
from peril then the envious in the presence of
court." ­ Happiness in Arden. Sebastian. / Sebastian
Happiness almost represtents
pastoral. PATHETIC
FALLACY. (sun) "These
grey figures seem to
quietly fade."
Hymen ­ God of marriage ­ Greek References to the Catholics
Religion/ Orlando forgives Adam ­ at Oxford. / Chapels at
Spiritual brotherhood. Brideshead.
"To join in Hymen's hands" - "God made me good but
reunited not yet"

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