Arguments Against Secularisation

AQA A2 Sociology arguments countering the debate of whether society is becoming Secular.

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Arguments Against Secularisation (AQA A2
Disengagement from Society?
­ The New Right influenced the church separating from politics,
however the house of lords does have a large number of former
arch Bishops of Canterbury in it's membership, and they do
have a significant voice.
40% still believe in a God or powerful higher power.
The last 40 years has been an age of uncertainty and
unpredictability. This has led to some to search for other pathways to
Heelas (2004) argues that there has been a shift to a personalised
faith as opposed to conventional faith.
Ethnic Groups Are Religious
Since WW2, ethnic minorities came to the UK to fill the employment
gap. Much of their identity is linked to a faith such as Hinduism etc.
Statistics show that minorities consider their faith to be important
and fundamentalism is becoming popular with young British Asians
Geographically Relevant
Secularisation is a feature of affluent western societies, countries
such as Africa and Latin America are still far from Secular.
Privatisation of Belief
Davie (2002) just because someone doesn't go to a church, doesn't
mean they're not religious. People may have chosen to practise at
Declining faiths/denominations?

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Not all denominations and faiths are declining. Statistical evidence
suggests that Mormonism and Jehovah Witness's are increase.
Note Recruitment of the clergy is declining with fewer people wanting to
enter into a career in the church
Moral Base
According to surveys, people are still influenced by religion in their
sense of right and wrong.
Challenges to Science
­ Einstein argued that time/space could be slowed down.
Note this is a misconception, Einstein argued that the perception of time
and space could be slowed down.…read more

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The Queen is a prominent figure of Britain, and is influential on
politics etc. Being the head of the CoE, this suggests religion is still
somewhat prominent.…read more


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