"Are the goals of Science appropriate for Psychology?"

AO2 points for the issue/debate of whether the goals of Science are appropriate for Psychology

for PSYA4 Section C - Research Methods (AQA A specification)

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"Are the goals of Science appropriate for Psychology?"
R.D Laing (1960) believed that the understanding and
treatment of human behaviour would only succeed if the
person was treated as an individual, and that the pursuit of
Science through Psychology is inappropriate.
Science takes a nomothetic approach ­ meaning that it
makes generalisations about behaviour. It is suggested by
some that Psychology needs to take a more idiographic
(individualised) approach to be more appropriate.
Some psychologists believe that Psychology should take a
more qualitative route when it comes to research.
Qualitative research can still be scientific in the sense that
it aims to be valid.
For example, evidence can be collected using
interviews/questionnaires etc and then triangulated ­ i.e.
each set of data can be verified using another.
This indicates that the goals of Science are not very
appropriate for Psychology as Science takes a more
quantitative approach in research.


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