The Status of Psychology as a Science. PLAN

  • Science

-Systematic study

-Eysenck and Keane (feautures)

-Loftus and Palmer 

  • Reductionism 

-some levels 

-breaking it down

-attribution theory 

-allows us to create testable predictions 

  • Falsifiable 

-more reliable

-popper; do not seek data comfirming theory 

-falisfiable= unscientific 

-pavlov, Dream Analysis 

  • Issues

-not all can be explained in simple parts 

-LE; lack ecological validity and DC

  • Objectivity 

-lacking it (not scientific) 

-Popper; cannot remain truely objective 

-observation driven by...


  • Issues with Objectivity 

-measure is often human measure (relies on interpretation)

-Bandura (own judgement)

-skinner (not


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