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By Cain Clarke and Robert Dunning…read more

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What are the features
of dreamwork?
Dreamwork is what the mind is doing whilst dreaming.
Dreamwork is divided into three sections; Condensation,
displacement and secondary elaboration.
Condensation is a collation of ideas appearing in a dream, each
idea hides part of the repressed material that build up a whole
Displacement is where the occurrence of an unimportant object
is felt to be important to hide the thing that is truly important in
the mind.
Secondary elaboration is where random thoughts from
dreamwork forge a whole story. The person who is
experiencing the dream will occasionally make additions to
the story to make what they hear within the dream make
sense. This section gets in the way of the true moral of the
dream.…read more

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What was good about Freud's theory
of dreams?
Sigmund Freud is respected because; Freud used
unique psychological methods to find access to
deep information from the mind which is usually
difficult retrieve, and he also ran very in-depth
tests which received very detailed information
about who he listened to ­ qualitative data
about real life (valid data).…read more

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What was bad about Freud's ideas
about dreams?
Sigmund's ideas were criticised as his work
supported biased results meaning that his
concepts of dreams were immeasurable and
he guessed most of his work and interpreted
his findings meaning it could be biased now
there is a new alternative theory outdating this
one known as activation-synthesis.…read more

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Outline how symbols are involved in
dream analysis.
When we dream, we are thinking about shapes
and objects while we sleep ­ these can be seen
as symbols, e.g. Guns could mean a hunger for
power or jealousy of power and dreams with
snakes represent a phallic (penis) symbol.
Freud did not agree with the idea that general
symbols can mean the same thing to everyone
because, of course, if everyone's unconscious
is a personal thing (which it is) then they will
have their own underlying meaning of symbols.…read more


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