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Cosmological Argument -
St. Thomas Aquinas ­ (1225-74)
Logical Argument:
P1 The universe around us contains
many processes ­ the sun rises /
falls, the moon circles the Earth,
the tides go in / out etc.
P2 All processes need something /
someone to set them in motion.
C That something / someone is God.
In other words, nothing comes from
nothing. Things do not come out
of nothing. Something must have
set the world in motion ­ God.…read more

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Aquinas' 3 Laws
· Eternal Law ­ The principles by which God
made and controls the universe which can
only be fully known by God.
· Divine Law ­ The Bible ­ how the eternal
law is reflected (word of God).
· Natural Law ­ The theory that an eternal,
absolute moral law can be discovered by
reason (given to humans by God).
· Human Laws ­ the laws that humans
create in order to be able to live in a
society.…read more

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Aquinas and the Bible
What did God command?
Genesis 1: 27
1 Corinthians 13 : 13 ­
Romans 8: 1 ­ 4…read more

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Aquinas - Natural Law
L.O: To understand Aquinas' precepts and double effect. Be
able to place them into the context of his ideas.
Starter: Read through your essay and then complete the `pupil
review' section on the cover. This should be how you think
you could improve and what you are going to do to make sure
the next essay is even better!!
Task 1:
How does Aquinas use and change Aristotle's ideas?
How can Natural Law lead us to the supreme good?
Explain where Natural Law may be found and how can it show us how
we ought to behave?
Which other thinker was concerned with `ought'?…read more

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Keyword Test
· Eudaimonia
· Natural Law
· Deontological Ethics
· Teleological Ethics
· Absolutism
· Relativism
· Divine Command
· Situation Ethics
· Cultural Relativism
· Eternal Law
· Natural Law
· Human Law…read more

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Aquinas and the Bible
What did God command?
Genesis 1: 27
1 Corinthians 13 : 13 ­
Romans 8: 1 ­ 4
God's command should be followed
without question according to Aquinas this
will enable humans to achieve ultimate
happiness in the afterlife (heaven).…read more

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