Natural Law mind map

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  • Natural Law
    • Developed by Aquinas
    • Precepts
      • Preservation of life
        • Do not commit suicide
        • Do not have an abortion
        • No Euthanasia
        • Do not turn off life support machines
      • Ordered Society
        • Build more homes
        • Encourage community activities
      • Worshiping God
        • Set one day a week aside for worship
        • hold school assemblies
      • Educating the young
        • Education is free
        • Make schooling compulsory
      • Reproduction
        • Permit IVF and surrogacy
        • contraception is wrong
      • you should base your behaviour on the 5 precepts
      • The primary precepts branch off into secondary precepts which Aquinas made apparent not absolute as they can change as circumstances do
    • Influenced by Aristotle's 4 causes   


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