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studies; conjugal roles

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Conjugal Roles
Power and Control within the Family
Distribution of Resources/ Finances
Key Studies
Sociologist Summary of Research findings What does this show?
Research shows that family This shows that the distribution
Kempson (1994) members do not share resources of resources is not equal and
such as money and food equally. women are deprived of their
basic needs and leisure time if
Among low-income families, women
they can not afford it.
denied their own needs, seldom
going out, and eating smaller
portions or skipping meals
altogether in order to make ends
Barrett and Men gain far more from women's This shows that there is unequal
McIntosh (1991) domestic work than they give back balance between a woman's
in financial support. The financial domestic work and the financial
support she receives from her
support that husbands give to their
wives is often unpredictable and
comes with `strings' attached. Men
usually make the decisions about
spending on important items.
Vogler and Pahl Focus on how each partner's This shows that there types of
(1993) contribution to family income decision-making and that the
control within the family is
affects decision-making within the
Two-types of control over family-
income are identified; pooling and
allowance system.
Vogler (1994) Pooling is on the increase. This shows that finances are
Samples of 1,211 of couples becoming more equal in a family
and more symmetry.
were compared with their
parents; Increase in pooling from
19% to 50%. Sharp decline in
allowance system from 36% to
12%. Revealing more symmetry.

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Conjugal Roles
Power and Control within the Family
Decision making
Key Studies
Sociologist Summary of research findings What does this show?
Hardill (1997) Research on 30 dual-career This shows that men are still
professional couples; man's career seen to have the dominant
normally took priority when expressive role.
deciding whether to move house
for a new job.
Finch (1993) Women's lives tend to be structured This shows that women are still
around their husbands' careers.
dependent on what their
husband.…read more


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