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Moments ­ turning effects.
· Moment (Nm) = force (N) x perpendicular
distance from pivot (m).
· The moment can be increased by increasing
the size of the force or using a longer
· Force applied by a person is called effort.
· The closer to the pivot you are, the harder it
will be to lift the load.…read more

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Moments ­ centre of mass.
· Centre of mass = the point of an object where
it's mass is thought to be concentrated.
· In symmetrical objects, the centre of mass is
along the lines of symmetry or where the lines
of symmetry meet.
· A hanging object rests with it's centre of mass
directly below the point of suspension.
· This is called being in equilibrium.…read more

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Moments ­ balanced moments.
· For objects in equilibrium, the total clockwise
moment is equal to the total anticlockwise
· To work out this weight, we do 0.3 x 2 = 0.6
Then, 0.6/0.4 = 1.5N.
· You can also use this to work out unknown
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Moments ­ stability.
· Stable objects usually have a wide base and a
very low centre of mass.
· When the line of action of weight lies outside
the base of an object, it will topple over.
· When the line of action of weight lies inside the
base of an object, it shouldn't topple over.
· Buses and coaches have to take special tests
which make sure they do not topple over too
easily.…read more

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Moments ­ circular motion.
For any object moving in a circle at constant speed:
· Its velocity is directed along a tangent to the circle of
· The velocity constantly changes direction as it
moves around the circle.
· The change of velocity is towards the centre of the
· Therefore the object is constantly accelerating
towards the centre of the circle.
· The force that acts towards the centre of the circle is
called the centripetal force.…read more

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