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AQA Physics P1…read more

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Energy Transfer
Infrared radiation The amount of Kinetic Theory
involves the infrared radiation explains the
transfer of heat by emitted depends different states
electromagnetic on: Shape, and properties of
radiation, or Surface & matter in terms of
thermal radiation Dimensions movement and
It will also emit
more if there is a Temperature Increase
All objects emit
and absorb bigger difference
infrared radiation in temperature
but the hotter an between it and
object is the more the surroundings.
it radiates.
Temperature Decrease…read more

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Energy Transfer by Heating
Conduction ­ Convection- Evaporation- Condensation-
Transfer of Transfer of Transfer of when a gas or
energy by heating heating through energy at the vapour returns to
without the the movement of surface of a a liquid state as
substance particles. liquid. the surface.
Convection The particles at This transfer
Metals are good currents work the surface energy back into
conductors because the behave like a gas the substance at
because atoms liquid/gas moves and escape. the surface.
vibrate and they faster, expanding Resulting in a
contain free and becomes less reduced
electrons. dense. Cools and temperature of
becomes denser liquid.
and sinks.…read more

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Rate of Energy Transfer
The rate at which
To calculate the
a material
amount of energy
transfers energy
lost from a
depends on...
building you can
·Surface area & use U-Values.
·Type of Material U-values give a
measure of how
·Nature of the
effective a
particular material
·It's temperature is as an insulator.
The bigger the
temperature The lower the U-
difference value the better
between an the material is as
object and the an insulator.
surroundings the
faster the rate of
energy transfer.…read more

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Specific Heat Capacity
Different Specific heat
materials with capacity is the
identical amount of energy
measurements required to
can store different change
amounts of temperature of
energy. 1kg of a material
by 1 degree.
Material Specific Heat Specific Heat
Capacity is
Capacity measured in J/kg
Air 1012
Aluminium 897
Copper 385…read more

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Energy and Efficiency
Energy can be In this diagram
transferred, the Heat Energy
stored or is wasted and the
dissipated but not Light Energy
created or useful.
The efficiency of
Energy that is not In a Sankey device usually
used for the diagram the refers to the
primary function widths of the proportion of
of a device is arrows are energy that is
transferred in a proportional to the usefully
non-useful way energy they transferred. The
and usually represent. greater the
wasted, going to proportion the
warm the more efficient and
surroundings cost-effective it is.…read more

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