AQA P2 Important Formulaes

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Important P2 Formulas
- To Calculate Weight:
Weight = Mass x Gravitational Field Strength
( Newton's) (Kilograms) (Newton's/Kilograms)
- To Calculate Resultant Force:
Resultant Force = Mass x Acceleration
(Newton's) (Kilograms) (Meters/Second²)
- To Calculate Stopping Distance:
Stopping Distance = Thinking Distance + Braking Distance
- To Calculate Work Done:
Work Done = Force Applied x Distance Moved in Direction of Force
(Joules) (Newton's) (Meters)
- To Calculate Kinetic Energy:
Kinetic Energy = ½ x Mass x Velocity²
(Kilogram) (Meters/Second)²
- To Calculate Momentum:
Momentum = Mass x Velocity
(Kilograms Meters/Second)(Kilogram) (Meters/Second)
- To Calculate Potential Difference:
Potential Difference = Current x Resistance
(Volts) (Ampere) (Ohm)
- To Calculate Power (1):
Power = Energy Transformed ÷ Time
(Watts) (Joules) (Seconds)
- To Calculate Power (2):
Power = Current X Potential Difference
(Watts) (Amperes) (Volts)
- To Calculate Energy Transformed:
Energy transformed = Potential Difference x Charge
(Joules) (Volts) (Coulombs)
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