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What is a moment?

The turning effect of a force is called a moment.

How do you increase a moment?

You can increase it by increasing the size of the force or using a greater distance.

If the moment is 35Nm when the perpendicular distance was 10m what is the…

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An object that is moving in a circle must be acted on by a resultant force that acts towards the centre of the circle and we
say that the resultant force is centripetal because it is centre seeking.

What is gravitational attraction?

Gravity is an attractive force which is increased…

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The amplitude of a sound is how loud it is and the pitch of the note depends on the frequency of the sound waves.

What is ultra sound?

The human ear can detect sound waves between the frequency range from 20Hz to 20, 000 Hz and the sound waves

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In a step up transformer the secondary has more coils than the primary and in a step down transformer the secondary has
less coils than the primary.

What are the formulas?

P.D across the primary / P.D across the secondary = turns on the primary / turns on the secondary…


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