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Daniel Ellis

Glacial Landforms ­ Erosional



Shape ­ An armchair shaped rock hollow with a steep back wall and a large over deepened
circular basin and an open front with a rock lip.
Example ­ Cwm Idwal, Snowdonia
Location ­ Found on North/North East facing slopes due to…

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Daniel Ellis

- Dilation can also occur at the base of the corrie when glacial movement causes a release in pressure
so cracks open on the base allowing meltwater to enter and freeze thaw weathering to occur
increasing subglacial debris and therefore increasing abrasion
- An increase in chemical weathering,…

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Daniel Ellis

- Scree covered slopes
- The gradients becomes more gradual towards the base due to slumping
Size ­ 1.5km long, 100m high

- Formed when two corries erode backwards towards each other
- The land between them the forms a knife edge ridge
- The corries erode…

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Daniel Ellis

- Dilation can also occur when the glacier moves enabling freeze thaw weathering in cracks


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