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coach entrenador/a
cook cocinero/a
dentist dentista
doctor (medical) médico/a
electrician electricista…read more

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nurse enfermero/a
painter pintor/a
photographer fotógrafo/a
pilot piloto
policeman/woman policía
politician político/a
president presidente/a…read more

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English Español
anorak (el) anorak…read more

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swimsuit (el) bañador, (el) traje de baño
tshirt camiseta
tie corbata
tracksuit (el) chandal
trousers pantalones
underwear ropa interior
uniform (el) uniforme
vest chaleco
wellingtons botas de goma
wristwatch (el) reloj
Relatives + Relations
padre: father
madre: mother
hermano: brother
hermana: sister
esposo, marido: husband
esposa, mujer: wife
abuelo: grandfather…read more

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ío: uncle
tía: aunt
primo: cousin (male)
prima: cousin (female)
sobrino: nephew
sobrina: niece
padrastro: stepfather
madrastra: stepmother
novio: boyfriend
novia: girlfriend
compañero: male partner in a couple relationship
compañera: female partner in a couple relationship
padrino: godfather
madrina: godmother
ahijado: godson
ahijada: goddaughter
amigo: friend (male)
amiga: friend (female)…read more

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