AQA GCSE English Literature: Of Mice and Men

What i used to gain a respectable A in my GCSE Literature Exam. Has page numbers at end of where to find great quotes in the book.

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Answering the OMAM
Strengths and weaknesses There are lots of members in the novel who have both strengths
and weaknesses.
George=smart but weak
Lennie=strong but mentally challenged
Although weakness bring them down, It's these strengths that
help to lift spirits and let them live their lives.
Friendship/loyalty The strange friendship who is seen throughout is George and
Lennie. Not many people travel with others and go alone. Links
with the dream. They both need each other. George promised
aunt Clara to look after Lennie. New character also come into
the friendship-Slim
Friendship seen with Candy and his dog
Loneliness (see the next page)
American dream The dream of being able to work on your own accord and settle
down in your own house. George and Lennie believe in this
dream. There could be contradictions to this dream though. Pg
9-starting working/ pg-25 Lennie almost losing the job for them
/pg-27 Curley inheriting
Women and influence Curleys wife has no role and isn't seen as important, although
she does influence guys like Lennie into feeling attracted to her
Dreams The dream of George and Lennie of owning their own piece of
Curley's wife dream of being a Hollywood star
George's own dream of `rebuilding' his childhood that he once
Tragedy The death of Candy's dog (for shadows Lennie's death)
The death of Curleys wife
The death of Lennie
Illusions/the fragility of dreams At the end of the book, Lennie pictures the farm house he has
dreamed of across the river before George shatters that dream
and illusion by shooting Lennie.
animals Right from the beginning Lennie is compared to an animal and
has lots of interactions with animals throughout the book. He
wants to tend the Rabbits. He strokes dead mice. He accidently
kills his pet dog and Curley's wife.
Landscape The beginning shows the lush green of the California Valley.
The bunk house shows the opposite and shows darkness and
(the landscape is used allot to set the scene of the chapter)

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has brains and a quick wit.
He has been a good friend to Lennie. He looks after all Lennie's affairs, such as carrying his
work card, and tries to steer him out of potential trouble.
He needs Lennie as a friend, not only because Lennie's strength helps to get them both jobs,
but so as not to be lonely. His threats to leave Lennie are not really serious. He is genuinely
proud of Lennie.…read more

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Curley is the boss's son, so he doesn't need to work and he has time to kill.
He's little - so he hates big guys.
He is a prize-fighter and looks for opportunities for a fight.
"He glanced coldly at George and then at Lennie. His arms gradually bent at the elbows and
his hands closed into fists. He stiffened and went into a slight crouch. His glance was at once
calculating and pugnacious.…read more

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Crooks is the buck.
He is the only permanent employee at the ranch
isolated by his skin colour - he can't go into the bunk-house or socialise with the men.
He is always called the 'nigger' which shows how racism is taken for granted. The men
don't mean to insult Crooks
All this has made him proud and aloof.
He is lonely.
"S'pose you didn't have nobody. S'pose you couldn't go into the bunk house and play
rummy 'cause you were black...…read more

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Steinbeck's techniques
His use of allegory: a second distinctive meaning behind a literal meaning.
Death of candies dog is allegory of how the migrants would be discarded or killed if found not useful.
· At last Candy said softly and hopelessly, `Awright ­ take `im.'
· `Look Slim's bitch got a litter right now. I bet Slim would give you one of them pups to raise
up, wouldn't you Slim?"
· `He ain't no good to you, Candy.…read more

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Outsiders in of mice and men
Lennie Small, is a big powerful man, although has the metal age of a child
His speech and actions prove to be a disability making him an outsider
He had a dream in which he believed was going to be real
o Unfortunately, he ruined the chances by killing Curley's Wife.…read more

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Quotes in OMAM
Animalistic Description of Lennie (pg 4)
Loneliness (pg 15, 40, 80, 85)
Friendship (pg15, 26)
Dreams (pg16, 59, 87)
Collapsing of dreams (pg 93) <-Two on pg93
Foreshadowing (pg17, 33, 46, 61)
Racial Discrimination (pg72)
Descriptions of Curleys Wife (pg31, 35)
Jokes on Lennie (pg41)
Light and Dark Reference to death of Lennie (pg99)
Light and Dark Reference to Curleys Wife (pg32)…read more



Thank you! This was really helpful :)

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