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Answering the OMAM


Strengths and weaknesses There are lots of members in the novel who have both strengths
and weaknesses.
George=smart but weak
Lennie=strong but mentally challenged
Although weakness bring them down, It's these strengths that
help to lift spirits and let them live their lives.
Friendship/loyalty The strange…

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has brains and a quick wit.
He has been a good friend to Lennie. He looks after all Lennie's affairs, such as carrying his
work card, and tries to steer him out of potential trouble.
He needs Lennie as a friend, not only because Lennie's strength helps to…

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Curley is the boss's son, so he doesn't need to work and he has time to kill.
He's little - so he hates big guys.
He is a prize-fighter and looks for opportunities for a fight.
"He glanced coldly at George and then at Lennie. His arms gradually bent…

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Crooks is the buck.
He is the only permanent employee at the ranch
isolated by his skin colour - he can't go into the bunk-house or socialise with the men.
He is always called the 'nigger' which shows how racism is taken for granted. The men
don't mean to…

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Steinbeck's techniques
His use of allegory: a second distinctive meaning behind a literal meaning.

Death of candies dog is allegory of how the migrants would be discarded or killed if found not useful.

· At last Candy said softly and hopelessly, `Awright ­ take `im.'
· `Look Slim's…

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Outsiders in of mice and men

Lennie Small, is a big powerful man, although has the metal age of a child
His speech and actions prove to be a disability making him an outsider
He had a dream in which he believed was going to be real
o Unfortunately,…

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Quotes in OMAM
Animalistic Description of Lennie (pg 4)

Loneliness (pg 15, 40, 80, 85)

Friendship (pg15, 26)

Dreams (pg16, 59, 87)

Collapsing of dreams (pg 93) <-Two on pg93

Foreshadowing (pg17, 33, 46, 61)

Racial Discrimination (pg72)

Descriptions of Curleys Wife (pg31, 35)

Jokes on Lennie (pg41)

Light and…




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