AQA C3 Tests Positive and Negative Ions

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1. If you do a flame test:
Lithium - red
Sodium ­ gold yellow
Potassium - lilac
Calcium - red
Barium - green
Magnesium ­ nothing
2. Or you can add what?
White precipitate forms
Blue precipitate for copper
Red and brown for iron
CO3 ­ add HCL and see if it fizzes. Gas bubbles will turn limewater cloudy
Halides ­ add nitric acid and silver nitrate solution
Sulphate ­ add HCL then barium chloride. White precipitate forms.
Nitrate ­ add aluminium powder and then NaOH. Warm it. Test with red
litmus paper, if it turn blue, ammonia present so nitrate is present.


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