AQA C3 Revision Sheets

3 sheets which I think cover everything for C3. Those highlighted in red are given (or derivable) in the formula book (Given for AQA).

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{{ {{ {{
To find the inverse
# {{
1) Put the function equal to y.
2) Re-arrange to find x in terms of y.
3) Re-write replacing y with x.
N.B. To have an inverse, a function must be One-One.
$ - $
$ - $
Principal Values (PV)
J . 33
J 3 3
J .
Differentiation (All of it)
Generally: J
Switching the respect:
The Chain Rule: { - { { - { 0 J { - { #
This is expressed as "Multiply the brackets by the power, multiplied with the differential of the
brackets and raise to the power, subtract one."

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The Exponential Function:
The Natural Log Function:
The Product Rule: -
This is expressed as "the first function multiplied by the derivative of the second, added to the
derivative of the first function, multiplied by the second function."
The Quotient Rule:
This is expressed as "the bottom function multiplied by the derivative of the top, subtract the top
function multiplied by the derivative of the bottom ­ divided by the bottom squared."
Trig Functions:
{{ {{{{{{
{{ .…read more

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By Recognition: {{ {{ {{ - I
By Parts: . - I
Numerical Methods
Decimal Search: If two values have different signs then the function has at least one root in
the interval. From here, decrease the size of the interval.
Iteration: Re-arrange the formula in the form of {{.…read more


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