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{{ {{ {{

To find the inverse
# {{

1) Put the function equal to y.
2) Re-arrange to find x in terms of y.
3) Re-write replacing y with x.

N.B. To have an inverse, a function must be One-One.



$ - $

$ - $…

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The Exponential Function:

The Natural Log Function:

The Product Rule: -

This is expressed as "the first function multiplied by the derivative of the second, added to the
derivative of the first function, multiplied by the second function."

The Quotient Rule:

This is expressed as "the bottom function multiplied…

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By Recognition: {{ {{ {{ - I

By Parts: . - I

Numerical Methods
Decimal Search: If two values have different signs then the function has at least one root in
the interval. From here, decrease the size of the interval.

Iteration: Re-arrange the formula in the form of {{.…


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