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Biology Revision…read more

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· Ecosystem - all the interacting biotic and abiotic features in a specific
· Population - a group of individuals of the same species that occupy
the same habitat at the same time
· Community - a group of populations living and interacting at the
same time
· Habitat - the place where a community of organisms live
· Ecological Niche - all the biotic and abiotic features required for an
organism so survive, reproduce and maintain a viable population…read more

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· Size
· depends upon size of plants/animals
and distribution within an area
· Number of Quadrats
· balance validity of results with time
· Position of Quadrats
· random sampling…read more

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Population Growth Curves
· Period of slow growth as the
initially small number of
individuals reproduce slowly
· Period of rapid growth where
the ever-increasing number of
individuals continue to
· Period of stabilisation where
decline may be due to limited
food supply…read more

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Abiotic - non-living factors
· Water and Humidity
· pH
· Abiotic Factors
if water is scarce only a small population will be supported
humidity affects transpiration rates in plants
· affects enzyme action
· larger population will exist where optimum pH exists
· Light
· ultimate source of energy
· rate of photosynthesis increased as light
intensity increases
· Temperature
· optimum temperature for survival
· further from optimum = small population
· enzymes work more slowly and metabolic
rate is reduced…read more

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· Interspecific Competition
· individuals of different species compete for
· better adapted species will survive
· Intraspecific Competition
· individuals of the same species compete for
· greater resource availability = larger
population…read more

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