Biology AQA Unit 5 Revision Notes

This is a revision powerpoint I made, its more useful for last minute revision as they are concise notes and I know I haven't included everything but I have put nearly all topics in there as my exam is tomorrow but hope they help

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Unit 5 Biology…read more

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1. Protein synthesis
2. Detecting changes in the environment
3. Co-ordinating responses
4. Sliding muscle filament theory
5: Homeostasis
6. Oestrogen cycle…read more

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1. Triplet code
· The triplet code is degenerate because most
amino acids have more than one triplet code.
It is always read in one direction. Start and
stop codons do not code for an amino acid.
The code is non-overlapping, it is also
universal. Introns do not code for amino acids,
and exons do.…read more

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1. Differences between DNA and RNA
· RNA is made of ribose nucleotides instead of
deoxyribose nucleotides.
· RNA has uracil instead of thymine.
· RNA is single stranded
· RNA is shorter than DNA.…read more

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1. Types of RNA
· mRNA is manufactured within the cell nucleus
when DNA forms a mirror copy of one of its
strand (the template). Once formed it passes
out of the nucleus via nuclear pores and
enters the cytoplasm. It associates with
ribosomes and acts as a template to build a
protein. mRNA is easily broken down.…read more

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1. Types of RNA…read more

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