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Flashcards which can be printed and cut out for revision of AQA Modular Science, Biology Unit B2. These cards will test you on the majority of the syllabus exept 12.4 (food chains) and 12.5 (the carbon cycle). The answers are colour coded depending on the topic. Colour codes are as follows

Green- Photosyntesis, Osmosis, Green Plants

Purple- Enzymes

Red- Homeostastis- The Control Of Internal Body Conditions

Blue- Decay

Hope you find these Helpful.

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In cells, what occurs in the In cells, what occurs in the Describe the purpose of a cell Where do most of the chemical Describe the purpose of
Ribosomes? mitochondria? wall. reactions take place in a cell? chloroplasts in a plant cell.

Protein- Synthesis Most energy is released here To…

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What reactions do protease What reactions do lipase In what conditions do enzymes Where is Bile produced & In what conditions do enzymes
enzymes catalyse? enzymes catalyse? in the stomach work best in? stored and then released? in the small intestine work best
Breakdown of proteins into Breakdown of…

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Which organ produces insulin What causes the Illness How can Diabetes be treated?
and how does it work? Diabetes?
By careful attention to diet and
The pancreas. Insulin allows The pancreas does not produce injecting insulin into the body.
glucose to move from blood into enough insulin- causing blood


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