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IT 1
­ protecting
business ide
By Dylan…read more

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There are 3 ways to protect
your business idea.
0 Patent
0 Trademark ®
0 Copyright…read more

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0 A patent is something you can use to protect your NEW business idea.
0 It gives you the right to be the only person who can use, develop, licence and
sell this new idea.
0 Your patent will last for up to 20 years after your invention has been
0 The advantages of a patent are:
You are the only person who will be selling the product and you have
Also, it can be used as a good bargaining tool when trying to raise
finance if you have a patent on your invention.
0 The disadvantages of a patent are:
The costs it incurs. It is free to file your patent in the UK the patent agent
you will use will often cost £1000s and if you want extended protection
across Europe it will often cost you around £32,000
Also there is no agency to enforce patents, so if somebody copies your
idea it could be costly to take them to court. Small business wont have
this money.…read more

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0 Copyrights protect artistic works such as literature, drama,
music, television programmes, art, films etc.
0 The material cannot then be copied without permission
from the owner. Also law states the owner of the copyright
can endorse license fees and royalty of their material.
0 In general copyright protection for litarary, musical,
dramatic and artistic works last for 70 years after the
death of the creator.
0 Sound recordings, broadcasts, television shows and cable
programmes last for 50 years.
0 Copyright is shown by this symbol…read more

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0 Trademarks protect a businesses logo, style of
wording, symbol etc.
0 Such as: The golden arches for McDonalds.
The Nike Swoosh.
0 The trademark must be registered at the UK
Intellectual Property office. (UK-IPO)
0 Trademark is indicated by this symbol…read more


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