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Religious Perspectives on the
Nature of Human Life
4A Religion and Human Experience…read more

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Plato's beliefs
Plato believed that in order to understand the world you must have faith and belief
He suggested that the soul is immortal and the body perishes (dualist)
Plato believed in 2 worlds the finite world(our world) and the world of form (where
concepts of the material world exist in a state of unchanging perfection)
At death the soul breaks away from the body returning to the world of Form.
The demiurge (creator) created the world from chaotic material using the Forms as a model
The highest form is the Form of Good which allows us to understand value…read more

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Christian Interpretation of Natural Life…read more

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Genesis 1
In the beginning there was nothing, no animals, sea
or sky
God spoke `let there be light' removing darkness
and showing infinite space; this created night and
day along with the first day
On the second day God created the Earth with a
large blue sky
On the third day the seas and land was created
with plants to cover the land
On the fourth day God created the sun and the
moon with the stars
On the fifth day God formed fish and birds
On the sixth day God made lions, tigers, rabbits,
sheep and cows as well as creating mankind to act
as stewards. God saw it as `very good'
The seventh day God rested…read more

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Genesis 2
God formed man out of clay and breathed into him causing the
man to live. He was named Adam
The Lord created a the Garden of Eden full of birds, flowers,
streams and animals
The man was made in God's image to keep Him company
God formed Eve from one of Adam's ribs and told them both to
care for their home
God warned never to touch the tree of Knowledge of Good and
Evil in the middle of the Garden as the fruit would leave them to
die without His spirit dwelling in them
A snake spoke to Eve tempting her to the fruit and both Adam and
Eve ate the fruit
It left Eve feeling guilty as she had disobeyed God, they became
unhappy and fearful of God
Adam and Eve blamed each other for there sins and God punished
them by making them leave the Garden of Eden…read more

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Interpretations of Genesis
Saint Paul Saint Augustine John Calvin Irenaeus
Evangelist Bishop of Rome French Theologian Church Father
Believed that Jesus Coined the phrase Double Original sin allows
bridged the gap as original sin Prestination: We soul making
he died for our sins Eating the apple are born into sin Bad things are an
atoning us and was a source of evil No matter what we opportunity for
giving us Mankind were do we are doomed good
redemption damned…read more

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